Medicare Referral Agent Guide

Many agents don’t want to deal with the many hassles and regulations that come will getting certified to sell Medicare plans. Perhaps your existing Medicare client is moving to a state where you aren’t licensed. We understand, and that is why we created the Keystone Advisors Medicare Referral Program. You solidify your relationship with your client by sending them a Medicare expert and you get paid for it.

CMS Sets referral fee guidelines. The referral fee is paid 90 days from the sale date to avoid rapid disenrollment chargebacks to the selling agent. The following rates are set by CMS as listed below:

  • ​$100 Medicare Supplement
  • $100 Medicare Advantage
  • $25 PDP

How Does the Keystone Advisors Selling Agent Determine the Plan for My Client?​

​The success of our business depends on both you and your client’s satisfaction. We do everything in our power to provide exceptional services and find the Medicare plan that best meets their needs and budget. We begin by performing a needs analysis for your client to determine which product would be the best fit. We then research the most competitive plans in their area based on their specific situation and then we make an educated decision on which plan to recommend.

Can I Remain on the Phone with My Client to Ensure They Are Being Serviced by the Keystone Advisors Agent?

Unfortunately, you cannot remain on the phone as the Keystone Advisors Agent is speaking with your client. In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) doesn’t allow for the referring agent to be present in the same room/office or on the phone unless you have completed all the required certifications and training in order to be compliant.

Who Should I Tell My Client to Expect to Speak With?

We have a great team located at our corporate office in Houston, Texas that handles all Medicare referrals. They have years of experience, so your client will be well taken care of. Our Referral agents will identify themselves as working with “The Medicare Family”, and they will reference the Referral agent’s name so that there is no confusion with who we are.

Can You Arrange an In-Person Meeting with My Client?

Yes, we can meet with your referred client in the comfort of their own home, in our office and or by phone. We have agents available to assist in multiple languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, and English.

How Can I Be Sure the Keystone Advisors Selling Agent Will Not Cross Sell Other Products to My client?

We take this very seriously and promise not to cross sell / replace any plans that you have sold the client. Any issues will be resolved in favor of the referring agent.

How do I register as a referring agent?

​The agent must create a vendor profile with the organization and establish referral fee payment options of direct deposit, or check payment. This referral agreement is not a binding contract, solely an agreement to facilitate an enrollment for the most appropriate plan suited for the client. The agent can decide not to send any referrals and the agreement will be null and void after 12 months of no referral activity. For further details, please reach out to your local Agent Manager. Click here to contact a local Agent Manager. or contact:

Natalie Lee
Agent Relations Director
Office: 972-456-9853

CMS GUIDELINE Code for Reference:

Section 110.6.3 – Referral/Finder’s Fees 42 CFR §§ 422.2274(h), 423.2274(h) 55 Referral/Finder’s fees paid to independent, captive or employed agents/brokers may not exceed the amount that CMS determines could reasonably be expected to provide financial incentive for an agent or broker to recommend or enroll a beneficiary into a plan that is not the most appropriate to meet his or her needs. Referral fees must be included in the total compensation not to exceed the fair market value for that calendar year. For 2020, the amount is $100 for MA plans and $25 for PDPs.